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  • Information for Parents

As a parent, there are lots of issues to consider when helping your son or daughter to choose a university.

Choosing the right course at the right university can seem a little daunting. Here are some of the factors your son or daughter may want to consider.

Entry requirements and fees

Entry requirements and fees are different for each programme.

Read the fees and funding section on each programme page to find out more.

Teaching and assessment methods

Find out how your son or daughter will be assessed for each programme.

Reputation and quality

We are proud of our outstanding quality and worldwide reputation. Find out more about the quality of our programmes and facilities.

Student life

Life at university can be exciting and life-changing. It can also be a little daunting.

Find out what student life is like at Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia.

Read more about what support we offer for your son or daughter.


We have lots of information about the accommodation we offer.

Living costs

It's important to know in advance what extra costs to expect. We have some estimates of living expenses to help your son or daughter budget their money.