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}In 2015 the idea of a digital financial and commercial ecosystem was born. Experiments were conducted to test possible market adoption strategies to populate the ecosystem with users. Users were assigned e-wallets and allocated tokens based on their respective contributions. However, the usability of these tokens were limited to transfers between users and needed more usability.

In 2016, a chat function was introduced to add value to the wallet and boarding of merchants began. Integration with several Payment Service providers (PSPs) opened doors to bill payments, top-ups and consumer networks.

With a 5% margin provided by the merchants and PSPs, discounts were given to the users instead of being retained as profits. Naturally the user base grew, leading to increasing downloads, transactions, mobile top-ups and purchases.

Even without advertising, the popularity of this app grew steadily across borders, travelling by word of mouth into unexpected regions as more and more people took advantage of the discounts.

With a substantial active user base and the rise of blockchain technology and its characteristics, a decision was made to phase out the prototype/pilot program and begin building a similar but more secure and decentralized financial and commercial ecosystem, with the help of blockchain experts. What would be different about this new ecosystem was that it would be built on a blockchain architecture, and its tokens would be in the form of cryptocurrency.


It’s our mission to build Everus digital ecosystem to pioneer and push for  widespread acceptance of cryptocurrencies as a legal tender.’’

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