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The field of real estate is one that has been ever growing. It is one section which will not stop thriving as the demand for property will never diminish. Property has and will always be in demand for people. Since time immemorial, people have bought property in large chunks to provide for future generations. As property is looked at as an investment, it is one of the most popular of all options. The risks are low and chances of increment in prices is great. This process does not stop and so the investment becomes an asset. The real estate scenario in India is now at a juncture where it will only boom as the government has planned a few policies that lie in favor of the buyers. Also the Smart Cities project will make it imperative for the market to swell. This will bring newer opportunities in creating a real estate hub in India. The future of real estate in India is great and so making it a safe investment, the value will only increase from now on. Not only smart cities, a great focus is now being given to Tier II cities

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