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Anand PAG, founded in 2006 is a nationwide provider of specialized IT and engineering staffing services. Headquartered in Dallas, TX, we are a fast growing company with multiple satellite offices and consultants spread across the United States, Singapore and India. With immense knowledge and onboard expertise, we ensure a stringent screening process and thorough interviews to best align the candidates with your job requirements. Anand PAG works towards a win-win model for employees as well as employers by finding the right candidate for the right job. Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) or Cloud Applications hold a strong presence in the market today and all sectors are recognizing the benefits of On-Demand software. Our team at Anand provides a blend of business management and technical expertise that supports as well as guides you through the journey of implementing and executing cloud based SAP modules. Our team helps you make the right decisions, and seek ways to optimize an existing application in all departments ranging from financials, CRM, supply chain, procurement, and project management. Anand is well established to support any technology requirements in an efficient and timely manner. Our business model enables a focused approach towards providing skilled experts that can help you plan, manage as well as execute new technologies & implementations.

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